How to Turn Business Networking into Invoicing

Part III of IV

Okay, so by now you know the importance of patience and how to identify the people who are likely to help you.  You have also prepared for a follow up coffee date to learn more about your new contact.  So let’s put it in place at that meeting…

Tip 8

First and foremost, this is a business meeting so be professional in your appearance and demeanour.  Turn up on time, have coffee not lunch (it’s hard to speak freely with a mouthful of Chicken Kiev!), meet in a quiet place with suitable surroundings and remember – you’re equals!

Tip 9

So you’re sitting down getting to know each other.  Has your new contact done any preparation?  Has she been on your website?  It’s important so factor it in.  If she hasn’t, maybe she’s not the person you hoped for.

Tip 10

Casually demonstrate that you have done your research.  You may know she’s been in business 3 years, has employees, takes holidays in Bali – whatever you know, make sure she knows you know in a non-stalker kind of way.  This demonstrates you’re a pro with genuine interest.

Tip 11

Depending upon your reaction to Tip 9, you may or may not want to delve too deeply.  If you feel good, progress to these kickass networking questions…

What problems do you solve?

How do you market your business?

Describe your worst and best customers ever.

What territory/time do you work within?

What problems do you have?

Where do you want to take your business?

Ideally, what will be your legacy?

How can I help you get there?

These questions really do cut to the chase in a non-invasive way.  If you need to, write them on your hand before you enter the meeting.  Also, take notes during the meeting – it demonstrates an intent to help.

Next week, we’ll wrap this up with some specifics that will help you get to the referrals you want.

Next week, we’ll address the meeting.

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