Here’s the final instalment in our four part series.  By now you should be aware of the importance of patience, be able to quickly identify helpful people, know why and how to follow up and know some effective networking questions that cut to the chase.

So let’s bring it home…

Everyone starts with a different amount of knowledge about networking and how to derive results from it.  If in your coffee date, you suspect you’re dealing with a novice networker whose heart is in the right place then help her to be helpful.  Offer to mentor her.  When the chance comes along for her to help you she will remember you.

If you’re dealing with a more seasoned customer whom you sense has the ability and will to help you, take note of the types of people she’d like to meet and do your best to broker meetings for them. 

Okay, that’s you helping others out of the way.  Now it’s time to get you some targeted introductions!  Many people don’t pass referrals or make introductions because they don’t know how.  So train them.  Hopefully you’ve identified a few potential contacts your new buddy has whom you’d be interested to meet.  So ask, “Would you be comfortable setting up a meeting for me?”  If you’re bending over backwards to help them, odds are they’ll want to reciprocate but might not know how.  Try these…

“I’d be very happy if you did an email introduction for me.”  Or, “How about the three of us have a coffee together.”  Or, “Could you tell her I’m looking to expand my network and would like to meet people in her profession?”

None of these are salesy or invasive.  They are all common examples of business people doing what business people do.  If you’re sitting with a helpful person she’ll want to assist if you teach her the techniques.

Use these techniques consistently and you’ll find you’re getting closer and closer to forming the relationships that create business opportunities.

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