These days, if people know they are going to meet you they will research you first.  That means your first impression is often a virtual impression.  Of all the platforms, LinkedIn is the one best suited to professionals and business owners so keeping an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is very much in your interests.  The most important part of the profile is the summary.   So here are a few tips on piecing together a conspicuous summary that makes people look forward to meeting you.

1.      It’s not about you.  Don’t fall into the trap of telling the world how wonderful you are.   No one cares.  Potential customers and employers are only interested in one thing – what you can do for them.  So link your skills and attributes, your education and experience to the value these provide to others.

2.      Pick the I’s out of it.  Many people write in the first person about themselves and start every sentence with I. “I am an effective manager…” or “I am efficient in the workplace…” Try to avoid this.  It’s boring to read and makes you look like a me, me, me person.  Who wants to meet that person?  Try to structure your sentences in another way and get a professional writer involved if you’re struggling.  Whatever you do, don’t opt for the third person.  It creates a distance and the whole point is to make a connection.

3.      Know your Target Market.  Different markets respond to different triggers.  Ascertain your target market and learn what their triggers are so you can work them into your summary.

4.      Stand out.  Have a look at others who are similar to you.  If they are all using the same terminology, tone and content then strike a different pose and be noticeable.  If you want your phone to ring as much as everyone else’s – say what they say and do what they do.

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful.  Remember, a little daring in the delivery is a good investment too.  It implies an entrepreneurial spirit which is beneficial in any business.

 From those in Heels