Many people tell us they feel uncomfortable about inviting others to attend networking events because it means getting them to spend $50 or so on a ticket, possibly getting a babysitter, traveling there, getting swanked up and so on.  Look, we get it.  Attending events yourself is a big ask, let alone asking others to attend.  However, we all knew when we started down the path of running our own businesses there would be some inconveniences, challenges, education, hurdles, lifestyle changes or whatever.  We knew that.  The question is – are we up for them?  I’m assuming that if you’re here then you are.  Also, we knew that we would need to market our businesses in order to get customers.  Additionally, we know that networking is one form of marketing.  And finally, we know that companies need a marketing budget because nothing is free.  The simple fact is that if people can’t afford to market their businesses they won’t be in business long.  So by getting businesswomen to events you are helping them to improve their business opportunities.

So, how do you get the right people in the room?  Well, think about whom your potential business collaborators and customers are then…

       Ask your friends and associates if they would mind inviting them to the next event on your behalf.

       Ask your Branch Director for help.  She is a very well-connected lady with a big heart!  Tell her whom you’d like and use her knowledge and connections to assist.

       Social media was made for this sort of thing.  Join the local business groups, interact with others before asking favours then seek recommendations for your potential business collaborators.  Then invite them along to expand their network.

       Smart networkers network in various places.  When visiting any networking group, invite people to other groups.  No single organisation is all things to all people.

       Invite people for a purpose.  People like to go somewhere to achieve an outcome.  Here are a few outcomes networkers like to satisfy…

       To meet a special person.  If you believe Mary and Louise may work well together and you also know that Mary habitually attends all Business in Heels events in her area then you would be presenting Louise with a wonderful opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere if she was at the next BIH event too.  So invite Louise along to meet Mary and let nature take its course.

       Business owners need connections to grow their business opportunities so invite them to an event that will achieve this.

       The speaker is often a draw card at networking events so invite others to hear her.  She’ll love you for it and be in the mood to return the favour when you present.

       We all have those moments as business owners.  You know, the times when the world seems against us and we consider giving up.  They happen and nothing feeds those moments like solitude.  So, get off your butts and mingle with people who’ve been there before and climbed their way out.  It’s inspiring to hear how others have done it and is often a great source of ideas that will somehow make your troubles dissipate.  So invite others to come along to be inspired and clear their heads.


From the Team at Business in Heels