As business owners we know there are many ways to grab a market’s attention.  Recently in these blogs, we have been discussing video as an option and before that your website, public speaking, podcasts and networking have been covered in some detail.  But let’s not forget the little one-dimensional cousin sitting in the corner that we all engage with but few entertain as a serious player in their business marketing strategy.  Radio.

Many of the smaller am and fm community stations have slots for infomercials dotted throughout the day and the management of these are always keen to find new stories to cover.  While their audiences are smaller than the high-rating metro stations, they do provide a few advantages…

  1. They’re free!  
  2. They will welcome you with open arms and may even give you 15 minutes to tell your story to a few thousand people.  Normally amigos, that would cost muchos dollares!
  3. They are great training grounds for nervous business owners who don’t want to be on camera.
  4. They offer a calm and convivial environment without hype.
  5. There are a number of them.  So work the circuit.

If you choose this path, you will grow in confidence and slowly build a following that you can direct to your website, podcasts, YouTube channel or other marketing arms you employ.  This following contains the people you will have a higher conversion rate with when you present them with your business offer.  Why?  They already feel they know, like and trust you and they have chosen you – not the other way around.

As your abilities improve and you become more comfortable, you may begin to dominate a niche.  Guess what happens next!  You become the go-to-girl for responses and from there you may even be offered a regular spot.

Start small, dream big and have the patience to see it through.  There are things you can do to improve your chances in this arena which will be covered in the next few weeks.