Last week’s blog contained the first 5 tips to help you take business networking to invoicing.  Remember –

1.      Don’t be impatient.

2.      Don’t expect anything in return.

3.      Don’t rush anyone.

4.      Find out via the Event Coordinator if the type of people you want to meet are likely to be at the event.

5.      Learn to identify the helpful people – they are the ones you want to get to know better.

Remember, the people who are interested in others and make offers to help by introducing people or passing referrals are a networker’s target market!

So this week, let’s concentrate on the follow up coffee date…

Tip 6

It’s highly unlikely that a referral will come from a one-off meeting at a networking event so following up an acquaintance after the event is critical.  The best time to arrange that follow up time is at the event.  Why?  You’re both in the moment!  Try…

“Look, I’d really like to learn more about your business in a quieter setting.  Shall we organise a coffee?  I feel we may be able to help each other.”

It’s not pushy.  It’s not in-yo-face.  In fact, it’s flattering.

Tip 7

Okay, you’ve just organised a business meeting with someone so there are two things you should do – plan to help them and plan to help yourself.  

Look up your new contact on LinkedIn, Facebook, the Business in Heels Xchange site and their company website.  Learn a little about what makes them tick and think about the problems they may have in their world and the problems they solve for others.  Now prepare two lists from the people you know – the problem solvers and the people with solvable problems.  That’s half your preparation done.

The next half is to plan how you may benefit from your new contact.  Do this by preparing the same two lists – the avatar of people who can solve your problems and the avatar of those whose problems you can solve. 

Next week, we’ll address the meeting.

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