Feeling helpful?  Good.  Thinking abundantly?  Excellent!  Out of sales mode?  Cool.  Feeling brave?  Then let’s get on with it… 


If you can put your head in this space then you are destined to be a kick-ass networker.  Thinking like this will result in you exhibiting the right body language and attitude when networking.  These subliminal aspects are critical for they convey your real intentions which others, women especially, will intuitively pick up on in a flash. 


Networking is doing what is required to build up a store of goodwill in others.  By doing this, you are creating a mindset in the people you have helped that makes them want to return the favour.  Consequently, it’s an especially effective technique for women who are, in general, more community-minded and given to giving than men. 


So, get your freak on, Girlfriend!  Get courageous!  Don’t push what you do!  Believe that your abilities are good enough to thrive in the marketplace! And, above all, get out there and DO something for someone else without any expectation of a return! 



Here’s a question for you… 



What type of people are you drawn to?  Happy, creative, hard-working, busy types who never seem to have enough hours in the day?  Or down-beat whingers who are never satisfied but somehow make time to gossip and bitch about others? 



So let’s turn that around.  Pick which one of those you are and ask if others are drawn to you.  If you’re the latter and are unwilling to change, go work in the mailroom for the rest of your life.  It’s where you’re going to end up so the sooner you get there the better off the rest of us will be! 





At Business in Heels, we love a statistic!  So imagine how we feel when we find three of them in a row!!! 

Texas Tech found that 83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience. 

We mention these because referrals are the main reason people attend networking events.  So it makes sense to be the giver of referrals to build up your store of goodwill.  Imagine the sense of gratitude you will be instilling in others if you refer business to them.  Is this likely to come back in spades? 

Many people say they want to meet accountants, lawyers and real estate agents because they may be a source of a constant stream of referrals.  For others it’s home builders, property developers and conveyancers who are the crème de la crème.  Still others want to meet website designers, marketers and graphic designers.  So here’s the trick to putting yourself in a position  to refer….  





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