Yup – Networking Events Aint Free!

Organisers must pay for venue hire, catering and marketing.  And that’s just the beginning!  Then there’s the time involved, the numerous phone calls, emails and other insignificant time expenses that mount up.  Add to this that it’s their business and they want to make a small profit and attendees can see why events have a price tag attached.

But frankly – that’s not your concern!  We get it!!!  From your point of view, it’s a business expense for which you want a return.  You need to –

·         set aside some precious time,

·         go to some trouble with your appearance,

·         travel to the venue,

·         pay your money,

·         work the room and return home. 

Your investment certainly go beyond the ticket price!

So if there was an opportunity to add more value to an expense, most smart business owners would be interested, right?

Many networking agencies offer deals that add value.  Click on the tabs on their websites and you may discover –

·         2 for 1 deals,

·         Freebies,

·         freebies when combined with other elements or

·         packages of combined value.

So once you’ve made the financial and time commitment – you want that return!  So make sure you educate yourself in how to make that happen.  Networking is part art, part science.  Learning the art takes experience and constant exposure to networking environments.  Learning the science is much easier…

Business in Heels has produced an ebook called The Heel to Toe of Networking – it’s free! 

You can read it in an hour and learn some of the basics that will make your networking efforts much more productive.


Here’s the best tip in the book…

Take friends to networking events and work as a team.  This is so much more effective than going alone which requires you to talk about yourself all the time!  If you take friends – they sell you!  They become walking testimonials for you.  And, of course, you for them.

Currently, the Business in Heels Growing Membership Package is offering 2 event tickets along with other benefits.


Hit the link and start making your networking more profitable.


From those in Heels

Lisa & Jo 


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