Starting anything new is often the hardest part.  The inertia that fear or anxiety can cause may lead to an indefinite procrastination that results in regret.  Starting networking is no different.  One of the most common fears people have is lacking the confidence to give it a go.  This often comes from being fearful of making mistakes or feeling inadequate in a room full of people whose businesses are a raging success.


Rather than going through a theoretical step-by-step process to overcome your concerns about starting something, I thought I’d lighten the load a little by sharing one of my biggest networking faux pas. Now, of course you’re sworn to secrecy and the names have been changed to protect the innocent…

I was at a business networking event a while back speaking to Bronwyn(?)  As we talked, I realised I knew a consultant who could help her with a business problem she had.  I told her I would hook them up, made my mental note and moved on. 

Next I spoke to Alex who wanted to meet a graphic designer.  I know an excellent graphic designer who produces amazing work and has wonderful knack of distilling complex concepts into simple logos.

Finally, I spoke to Loretta who needed a local bookkeeper.  One had booked to come to the event but her young son became ill that day so she couldn’t make it.  Damn!  That would have been easy to sort out immediately but, oh well, I’ll hook them up later.

The following day, I was making good on all my promises by doing email introductions.  I hooked Bron up with the graphic designer, Alex with the bookkeeper and Loretta with the consultant.

Then I got calls from all 6 wondering why.  Doh!

Despite our best intentions, we all make mistakes.  It was just my turn.  I’m still far from perfect but people are forgiving if your heart is in the right place. 


The best thing about messing up?  The story you tell later!

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