It happen at least once per event…

A lady tells me she is doing all the business networking in the world but she’s just not getting anything back.  She’s helping to connect people to others with the same target market, attending lots of events and passing referrals – BUT NOTHING’S COMING BACK!!!

Yep – that’s frustrating.  So for the next four weeks, we thought we’d offer a few tips on how to break through to the Promised Land.

We’ll take you from the event where first meetings take place, to the follow up coffee dates and beyond to the referrals and connections we all want to receive.  What?  You can’t wait all that time and you need it right now?  Well, that could be part of the problem!  Which leads me to…

Tips 1, 2 & 3

Don’t be impatient.  Don’t expect anything in return.  Don’t rush anyone.  Networking doesn’t work that way.  Patiently build your personal store of goodwill with a positive attitude, follow the subsequent steps and good things will happen. 

Tip 4

Before the event, make yourself known to the Event Coordinator.  Tell her what you do and the types of people you’d like to meet.  Ask if they will be at the event.  After all, if you can find out beforehand that they are not coming then maybe you should take the night off too!  But remember – you never know who knows who.

Tip 5

Often events are full of small gatherings and conversations go around these loops so everyone gets a turn.  Take note of who asks the questions and makes offers to help.  Helpful people who are interested in others are exactly whom you should meet, right?  So organise coffee dates with them.

Next week, we’ll walk you through the next steps of the process to ensure you’re getting value from the events.  For homework, practice identifying helpful people who are interested in others.  Becoming skilled at recognising them early will help you break though to Business Networking Nirvana.

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 From those in Heels

Lisa & Jo