Steadiers don’t Pitch. They have People for That…

After the Chick in Charge and the Influencer have completed their mental battle and a compromise has been reached (which both may be slightly disgruntled about!) then it’s time to get the work done. This usually involves an organisation of labour. That’s when the Steadier comes into her own…

Steadiers are often wonderful people managers. They will take the time to understand individuals so their needs may be fulfilled which, in turn, enables them to get the job done. Their calm approach, manner and desire to place importance on cooperation, sincerity and dependability often results in a motivated team. This is backed up by supportive actions, humility and loyalty.

Recognise any of these traits?

In a networking environment, Steadiers are often a breath of fresh air if two or three others are involved in some mental jousting. The Steadier may make light of the fervour in a debate to lower tension and bring a conversation around to a more cordial path. This invaluable ability speaks volumes for her patience and desire to keep things convivial.

However, her ability to sell herself may not be her most redeeming feature. Her patience, humility and caution about overstepping her perceived line restrict her ability to talk about herself. Fear not – there’s a very natural remedy for this…

Of all the personality types, Steadiers would benefit most from bringing a friend to a networking event. You see, a Steadier’s supportive nature will sell another she believes in in a heartbeat. So two Steadiers working the room as a team will produce amazing results. It relieves the burden of talking about themselves by enabling them to focus on what they love most – the growth and success of others!

So if you’re the reserved, dependable type who perhaps doesn’t do the best job of reminding the world of her triumphs and abilities the answer is simple in a networking environment – get someone else with credibility to do it for you! 


Then, just go be yourself at your next networking event.


Lisa & Jo