It’s been said many times that the structure of a good story is as simple as a beginning, a muddle and an end.  The muddle must occur as this is why we become engrossed.  So when telling your story, be sure and include all the things that didn’t go well.  These are both entertaining and they humanise you.  Bearing in mind the purpose of creating your story in the first place, to get others to tell it, then entertaining and not coming across as a perfect robot will assist.

Also, never be afraid to make yourself the butt of a joke.  The most endearing human quality of all is the ability to laugh at oneself.  Rest assured, the people who take themselves too seriously are being laughed at – they’re just too pompous to see it!

So let’s recap…

1.      Get over yourself and be the hero.  Being a hero doesn’t mean having a big head.

2.      Explore the quest that got you where you are and remember the pitfalls, triumphs, heartaches and dumb things you did along the way.

3.      The existence of a mentor figure means you’re willing to recognise you don’t have all the answers.  Do you want people to think you do have all the answers?

4.      Everyone knows someone who’s purposefully thrown a spanner in their works.  That’s life.  The juxtaposition of this person against you helps sell who you are and the qualities you represent.

5.      We’re all juggling business and love (or lack of love?)  Show your frailties.  Be vulnerable.  Then come out of it smiling, never whinging.


There are many other elements commonly found in stories.  Those above are perhaps the most suited to the type of story a business person is likely to tell.  And remember the power of anticipation.  It keeps readers turning pages and viewers sitting through commercial breaks.  So be patient when telling your tale and save the best until the end.

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From those in Heels