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You’re the reluctant hero on a quest to grow as a business person to become better able to service your clients.  And while the hero and the quest are the meat and potatoes of a great story there are other elements professional storytellers regularly work in to add the herbs and spices.

So let’s follow on from last week’s blog…

1.      The most famous mentor of the modern era is probably Yoda.  A mild-mannered Jedi Master with chronic eczema and an unsurpassed ability to float above the Swamps of Naboo, Yoda was always there for young Luke Skywalker with sage advice.  Yoda’s ability to maintain a calm demeanour when chaos overwhelmed others is a hallmark of the influential mentor figure whose wisdom has the power to reset the hero on the enlightened path.  In your world, a parent or esteemed boss may be such a person.

2.      The Villain.  Would Superman be as compelling without Lex Luthor?  Would we love Batman as much without Mr Freeze to make his life a misery?  These diabolical nasties create the difficulties the hero must overcome to save the free world while representing the opposite of the good in our hero.  Perhaps someone at work actively works against you(?)

3.      The Love Interest.  This person often tears at the heart strings of the hero as he/she has a genuine desire to spend time with their loved one yet the quest keeps getting in the way.  The relationship between the hero and the love interest is often fractious and misunderstandings frequently occur.  These create doubts in the mind of the hero which also must be overcome, often via the good counsel of the mentor.  No doubt your family would love to see more of you yet your work tears you away.


When an audience becomes aware of your struggle and the others involved, it becomes engrossed in your tale.  These extra pieces will evoke empathy for you, anger at the tyranny you must endure and respect for the mentor.  When an audience feels, it’ll retell your story.

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