Using branded headshots and professional photographs is vital to attract the right type of clients to your business, so how to do you ensure that you are conveying the right messages that you are an authentic leader?

For me, your brand image includes the essential photos that you use to portray yourself on your website, business cards and any other social media or networking platform to gain the attention of your ideal client.

Here are a few tips on the right type of branding image to use online :

  1. When ensuring the right look for my clients, natural lighting is key! If your images don’t not have sufficient light, you may just end up looking rather outdated and dull – possibly a little off-putting to your clients!   In addition, avoid any type of harsh lighting as this can bring attention to frown lines.   For a great authentic image, it is important to highlight the trust building features of your face, like your smile or eyes. Let’s see your passion and authentic connection!
  2. For a great image, make sure your eyes are clearly visible as they do reveal so much about who you are. A clear shot of your eyes will also assist you in coming across as more authentic.  Remember – People like to feel like they can trust you before they’re willing to go out on a limb and purchase your product or services.
  3. Make sure that you take the time to dress for the part before you get your photograph taken, especially if you’re trying to brand an online business. Branding largely relies on the trust that you build, and looking unkempt is one of the surest ways to do the exact opposite. For example, if you’re a woman, then enhance your features with appropriately styled makeup or have your hair styled in a professional manner. Your photographer should use a quality set for all of your corporate branding images, so make sure you ask to see their photography portfolios ahead of time to ensure they’re suited for the job.
  4. A prime example of corporate digital branding gone wrong is using sexy boudoir poses and clothing in your photo. You may end up scaring clients away – unless you are in the sex market of course! A sexy corporate branding image is an inappropriate representation of your personal brand in business – if you don’t believe this, let your customers do the talking.
  5. Ensure your personality is shining through. A good photographer should be able to capture this easily for you. If you do this correctly, you will successfully connect with your clients because you will come across as an authentic person – not just some face they recognize from the Internet. You’ll know when you’ve achieved this level of authenticity by the way your clients interact with you, and the way they recommend you to other people.

To make sure you’re getting started in the right direction, make sure you’re using a professional photographer who is experienced in online marketing and brand photography. Although you may see this as a pricey expense, there is a huge difference between your friend’s digital camera, and a professional photography branding kit full of media ready images which includes the right lighting, makeup and overall atmosphere.

Written by Zahrina Robertson
Creating the Magnetic Brands of Tomorrow
Leading International Personal Brand Photographer +Videographer, Author, Speaker

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Zahrina Robertson