This is final instalment in our series on how to write a kickass Press Release.  So far we’ve covered Timing, Credibility, Relevance and Facts.  Now let’s work on the remaining elements of the story that are important for breaking through.

 Keep it to 300 words or less.  Journos are inundated by these and don’t want to wade through slabs of irrelevant opinion, needless quotes and extensive tirades.  KISS! 

 A Heading with Pizzazz will lure in even the most tired of journos.  Be inventive, brave and never forget the power of the witty double entendre.      

Grammar and Spelling!  Grammar and Spelling!  Grammar and Spelling!  GOT IT?

Then there’s the layout.  Once again – KISS. 

1.       Impactful heading, 

2.       Para 1: outline existing argument,

3.       Para 2: introduce your facts and stats and their sources,

4.       Para 3: expand on your argument, 

5.       Para 4: quotes from you,

6.       Para 5: close with why this is relevant right now,

7.       Contact details – name, phone, email, website.

Remember, you are not telling the whole story in a Press Release.  You are providing the nuts and bolts of a story to someone else who then determines if it’s newsworthy.  The trick is to give them enough info to make them want more so keeping it short is the key. 

One of the triggers both journalism and business thrives on is innovation.  This is where your minds will meet so it’s your strongest suit.  Highlight how your business is serving the Public Interest by solving an old problem using new technology or by taking solutions from other industries and applying them to yours and you’ll have the average journalist eating out of your hands.

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Lisa & Jo  

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