Hello Ladies!

This blog follows on from last week.  Happy reading!

Take the example of Diane.  She continually stands up at networking events and informs the audience she sells insurance to anyone.  And that’s true – she does! She’s not particular, after all, she’s happy to make her commission from anyone.  Who wouldn’t be? But that’s not the point. The point is that when she stands up at her events her job should be to train the people in the room to bring people to her for insurance purposes.  So when she says, “I sell all types of insurance for every facet of your life,” well, frankly most people become overwhelmed. That’s a lot of people to look out for so our minds lack focus. Without focus, there is no action.  

Now let’s contrast Diane with Helen who sells exactly the same products for a rival company.  Helen says, “Who’s visiting their hairdresser or barber this month? I’ve got a special going for this month only on Hairdresser’s and Barber’s insurance.”  When people hear this, they are immediately focussed on the people they know who run hair cutting businesses. If Helen is someone you’d love to help, you may even be considering creating an appointment to help her out.  But this only happens if you focus our minds. By focussing a group’s thoughts you are much more likely to create the action that leads to business opportunities.

What’s that I hear you say?  But what about all the other insurance products Helen sells?  Well, two points on that –

  • Firstly, once you’ve got the hairdressers in front of you face to face, that’s a great time inquire about other aspects of their lives and mention correlating products that may help them out.  Ask if they are planning an overseas holiday soon? If so, would they like to see a brochure on travel insurance? Or maybe Helen could say, “My friend just bought a new house and now has a mortgage.  To help her out, I gave her a great deal on home and contents insurance.”
  • And secondly, this is just a strategy for one month of your business’s life.  Next month, Helen could change the focus to home and contents insurance or a product that relates to an upcoming seasonal event.  

By adopting this ever-changing monthly cycle you’re repeating a message for a month, which helps it to be remembered, and you’re slowly educating people on the various products and services you provide.  In part, that’s where referrals come from.


From the team at Business in Heels



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