Last week it was all about a few simple techniques that will make your story more compelling.  And remember – if it’s compelling, your audience will retell it when you’re not around.  That’s word-of-mouth advertising at its best!

So let’s continue the education and focus this week on just two of the common elements found in the great stories that really suck in an audience.  More will follow next week.

1.      Every story needs a Hero.  Like it or not – that’s you!  But hang in there, being the hero doesn’t mean having a big head or telling your story in a way that’s all about you.  In fact, the most enduring heroes are the ones that don’t want to be there.  Frodo didn’t want the burden of carrying the Ring to Mount Doom.  Dorothy wanted to stay in Kansas.  Annie didn’t even know she was the hero!  Yet each has withstood the test of time and been talked about endlessly due to their stamina, determination, pure heart, willingness to put others first, learn and ride the emotions of their journey.

2.      Where would a hero be without a Quest?  Well, to put it simply, there would be no hero without the quest.  The quest creates the hero.  The quest is the series of tests the hero faces that slowly turn the apprentice into the master.  The tests enable the hero to demonstrate skills, compassion, flexibility, ingenuity, resourcefulness and more.  They bring out the attributes and abilities which, prior to the tests, the hero was unaware dwelt within so represent the personal growth audiences adore.

So, in your professional sphere, consider the challenges in your quest you have overcome and how this has resulted in you growing as a person so you may better serve your clients.  After all – that’s what it’s all about!  When telling your story, be sure not to whinge about the challenges.  Instead, treat them as the obstacles that were necessary to face which turned you into the wonderfully competent person you have become.

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From those in Heels