At just 17, Sydney-based millennial Cassandra Hili started a small business while in the midst of a dramatic weight loss journey, all of which led to an internationally acclaimed Ebook.

Now at just 24, Hili is celebrating another self-made success: The nearly two- year anniversary of her PR firm Millennium Communications. While she boasts a client list of internationally acclaimed brands, Hili ensures she gives back; being an ambassador for Make Bullying History and the Young Entrepreneur Co.

Hili’s self-made success was found in a time of extreme despair when she struggled with weight-related illnesses, bullying and an absence of direction or purpose. After deciding she couldn’t continue on this destructive path, Hili turned her life around and began am inspiring weight loss journey while launching a successful lifestyle blog and E-book. At the same time, she founded her own PR & communications agency; Millennium Communications.

 With an eye for entrepreneurial genius, Hili has found global success with her newest Australian client who’s dominating headlines, TJ Swim; headed by 23-year-old social girl boss Tara Jane. With fans like Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jen Atkins, it’s clear Hili’s strategies for brand success are effective.

Since starting Millennium Communications, I’ve discovered so much more about business and myself than I could ever imagine.

Business has toughened me up, taught me to be more assertive, and most importantly; that any dream can be achieved if you’re putting in the hard work. Thanks so that mindset, I see results and so do my clients.

Hili is determined to give back to other young entrepreneurs and young women through ambassadorships, mentoring and speaking gigs. She is an ambassador for Make Bullying History, gives advice to other entrepreneurs in the Young Entrepreneur Co, and she speaks at numerous conferences and events such as The Entourage’s inspiring entrepreneurial events. Hili is determined to encourage every young entrepreneur, especially those who may not have the support or resources available to achieve their goals.

 Being young shouldn’t ever stop anyone from achieving a dream or goal. I’ve learned that there are so many opportunities out there if you just have the courage to pursue them.

 Hili’s journey began after high school, and she’s eager to show other young people that you can achieve great things even if you didn’t excel at school.

 I never enjoyed school or uni experience, it just wasn’t for me, but I did find a passion, I choose to live it out and most importantly I made the choice to create something that inspires me every day. I want every other Australian kid and young adult to know it’s okay if you don’t find your passion in or out of high school. It will happen when you need it to happen.

You shouldn’t have to wait for someone to give you your dream when there are so many resources out there for you to be able to start living it.


Cassandra Hili