Trusting in your own heart to lead you forward is both absolute bravery and the ultimate act of freedom, all rolled into one. The only problem is most of us don’t realise it.

Think about this. You literally have one hundred billion neurons in your brain that are working exclusively for you, every moment of every day. Learning to trust the self and all that you are, body, mind and soul isn’t a leap of faith. It’s more about an understanding of the absolutely enormous magnitude of what makes up your inside team. That team is the force wanting to work every day exclusively for you and you alone. When we begin to understand the enormity of this, it feels like being a warrior with a whole army at our side, or rather on the inside, ready to take on the world.

Yet we trust fully in the words of others so strongly that we end up living someone else’s life this way. Not always because we want to, often just because we don’t know any better, through the vast overlays of social & cultural conditioning.

It’s your journey! So why aren’t you walking on your path instead of the path of others?

Let your heart make the decisions, and then use your immensely powerful mind to achieve the results instead. This is already happening in ways in the background. Yet we far too often second guess ourselves and focus outside for all the answers. An interesting scientific discovery has found that there is significantly more electron activity measured from the heart to the brain, than from the brain to the heart. Yet, we too often ignore the heart and live our lives forever spinning around in our heads.

The concept of trust is to choose you from your heart! It is not about trusting the outside world, or anyone else within it. It’s all about learning to trust yourself from within.

Now that’s powerful right! Yet it gets even better.

Every second, the eye transmits ten million pulses to the brain, at a speed over 430km per hour. Your senses combined with your brain super processing power is your very own supercomputer in action. When you step into a place of trust within, you begin to tap into this immense potential, and this my friend is just the beginning.

So when someone tells you ‘you’ve got this’, you actually really do. Within you lies your very own personal electrical power plant and chemical factory, acting as a lighting and chemical storm all at once, like a magnificent orchestral symphony. You, however, get to be the conductor!

Between the process of new experiences and memories, your massive network called the central nervous system is on hyperdrive working exclusively for you. It is remarkable just how adaptable your internal systems are. In split seconds you are pivoting, reacting and responding to stimuli, along with constant fluctuations and changes. All this is literally happening on the go. Building memories, processing, replenishing, growing, and repairing, all without so much as a blink of observation from you. Your inner world is tirelessly and efficiently working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, exclusively for your benefit.

The perception of what you have within your control can be magnificent, once you open your heart to what is within. Begin by looking inside, and build trust in what is working for you, rather than focusing on what you think is working against you. In a stroke of irony, none of this can be seen from the outside. Like a beautiful surprise waiting for you to discover it.

So why are you seeking trust externally?

This question is often relatively more simple to answer than you might first think. It is much easy to ask for someone else to trust you. Thus leaving them to take on the role, rather than taking the risks & responsibility on yourself. It is kind of like thinking you can outsource risk in your business. It never works in the long term, because it always comes back to bite you in the end. I have seen this applied many times in both personal and professional situations.

When you change the lens you apply, it’s possible to see how immensely powerful you already are. Inside, trust is already fully implied because your network of functions is working in absolute and beautiful harmony. All you need to do is turn your view inward to reveal the truth, rather than being overwhelmed by external forces implying that trust is potentially dangerous and seemingly impossible. Without this internal trust between systems, your body would simply cease to exist, and therefore so would you. When I learned to understand the simplicity in this, I found it easy to see where my trust should be. Hopefully, now I’m shedding some light on this through personal experience, so too can you.

What is even more magical, is your brain’s ability for neuroplasticity, which is the remarkable capability of the brain to be malleable to change. Consider that every one of the one hundred billion neurons in your brain can form up to ten thousand connections with other neurons. In effect, it’s kind of like the internet of your body, connected to the heart and brain via the superhighway of your spinal cord.

This amazing kind of system is replicated in nature everywhere. Trees of a forest, for instance, have their own internet web of connections via their roots, thanks to bacteria, who carry messages from tree to tree across the entire forest. All this magic laying underground and completely hidden from our view.

All is not as it seems. If you seek solutions from the outside world with narrow-focused attention through a single sense, your eyes, you will miss the simplicity hidden within the complexity of life evolving right before us. Your inner world knows this and is ready to show you the way to discover it for yourself.

These hidden systems at play are amazing don’t you think? Is it possible that your complex system within is far superior to your computer? Quite likely in fact, as humans created computers that are now expanding exponentially.

The more you practice a new skill, whether it be physical or mental, the more your brain and body is able to change and strengthen. All this amazing functionality is happening without your awareness. Tap into it though, and your potential is infinite.
Is your head spinning yet? It should be.

So through science, we know that trust is already known and understood within your inside world. Begin by looking inward, and you will see it for yourself. Through this process, it becomes much easier to apply trust externally. Therefore, you will understand the potential for success when understood trust is applied to the actions you take in your daily life.

When we find ourselves in a situation where we are gripped by fear, where we have somehow allowed our inner world to be propagated by outside influences. Trust then becomes difficult, because the amygdala in the brain has started a chain reaction in our body commonly called fight or flight. In our modern-day society, the emotions attached to fearful external experiences can leave lasting imprints in our bodies memories. When old fears come up again, we can be triggered time and time again in endless loops of torment.

Remember, you are the conductor, the controller of this amazing internal system, which is completely at your disposal. As the conductor, you can make it for or against you. The choice is yours.

Building internal trust with the magnificent systems designed to work in our favour is all about practice. For example, new skills and practices can calm the bodies central nervous system. This allows the amygdala to only be activated during times of real and sudden danger. Rather than putting us in a constant state of stress, which is incredibly unhealthy for the entire body.

So it would seem that understanding our bodies and how they interact within the elaborate systems that operate within them, is important in redesigning our relationship with trust from within.

In your life, ask yourself, am I in a constant state of fear? What is causing that fear?

Learning to support your body, mind and the power plant within brings back a sense of control. The only thing, we really have control over in life, is how we react. In regaining control as the conductor, you begin to feel the trust within you, that you need to know you have got this.

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The answers lay within. Are you ready to take a peek? Are you ready to embrace your role as the conductor, of the most powerful orchestra within you?