Hi, my name is Meaghan and I’d love to tell my journey so far. 

Since I was a child, all I wanted to be was a chef. I also had a fascination with all things African. I used to watch my mum cook, and I swear she did magic-that woman can cook. I did home economics in school, but alas I couldn’t cook-but my presentation was superb. I then went and did my apprenticeship and became a chef. I was the happiest and living the dream-until 6 years ago when I got carpel tunnel in both hands-I was devasted, thought my chef career had finished, when I thought I had just gotten started.

Post surgery, I had 2 years off before working at a coffee shop here in Brisbane. It was during the 3.5 years I worked there that I met a gentleman by the name of Prosper Taurvinga from livelongdigital.com. With his help and expertise, I started on a new journey.

I have designed and published an African fused cookbook called Fusion Safari. Based on that cookbook, I designed 4 African Infused Chutneys that I have made a business from. My company is 1 year old and is called Measante. My four flavours are as follows-a spicy tomato with Ethiopian spices, a spicy date with Moroccan spices, a mild paw paw with west African spices and a sweet mango with South African spices.

It was a process to get all my testing and labels done, but definitely worth the struggle. I’m also back working as a chef again and absolutely loving.i think I have proved that no matter what hurdles you face, you can definitely get through it

Meaghan Hill