Remember your first real boyfriend?  Remember how hasty he was to, um, get the job done?  Aah, haven’t we all been there!  Anyway, did your relationship with him last long? Or, did he, as the Pointer Sisters said, “Come and go in a heated rush?”  Hmm.   

Relationships take time.  Be they personal or business, patience is the key to successfully navigating the terrain of a rewarding relationship.  Abrupt mannerisms, fast talk, high-pressure pushiness and smarmy approaches may be effective in the short term but will eventually leave you out in the cold.  They are designed to render the practitioner appearing untrustworthy and glib.  These unattractive traits will isolate making business opportunities hard to come by.   

Think of the slickest salespeople you know, the ones who can sell sand to Bedouin.  Do you trust them?  No – because Bedouin don’t need or want sand!  They’ve got it, a whole Sahara full!  Anyone trying to sell something that isn’t needed or wanted is instantly untrustworthy and a pain in the neck to be around.  Yet pushy salespeople don’t get it.  So they continue to move from territory to territory or job to job since they burn associations due to their insistent ways.   

If you own your business, moving from territory to territory is probably not a viable option.  Similarly, if you have career ambitions in the corporate arena, frequently moving on will not allow the relationships to develop that will enhance your chances of success.  Two years here and eighteen months there doesn’t look attractive on a CV.  Consequently, corporate career woman or business owner, sometimes you’ve got to make it work where you are.  Propagating a host of meaningful business relationships over time will make it easier to achieve this.  

So regardless of your circumstances, be patient.  Beneficial networking is more about nurturing relationships than pursuing prey. 

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