Last week’s blog focussed on the importance of storytelling and how having a great story will result in others spreading awareness of or even selling you and your business.  That blog employed some very common storytelling techniques you may like to consider for your story…

First – I gave you a topic and timeline.  Immediately, you were aware of two of the basics people like to take into account before deciding to devote themselves to anything.

Second – the benefit (which I’ve boldly reiterated in the opening sentence.)  Promising and delivering something others will derive value from will make them more inclined to engage in your story.  Let’s face it, people these days are always wanting to know, “What’s in it for me?”  Even the most selfless of people need that question answered.  For them, the answer is often a little different though – selfless people just want the inner glow.

Third – a hint of what is to follow.  Anticipation and suspense are real winners in stories so don’t give everything away too easily.  Doing so robs your audience of a chance to become engrossed – that’s the best feeling of all!  You may recall last week I skimmed over some of the elements you could use in your stories and promised more detail.  (Hardly suspenseful, I know, but you’re here aren’t you!  Aah… the promise of knowledge.)

Finally – emotions.  These make it all come together and inspire action.  Without them, you’ll end up with something as enchanting as an encyclopaedic essay on fungal infections.


Now that you know some of the techniques, next week we’ll turn the spotlight on some of the elements commonly found in many great stories.  Where would Captain Ahab have been without Moby Dick?  How interesting would Thelma have been without Louise?  Would you have cared about Jason if the Golden Fleece was easily come by?  They all represent common elements found in most stories that wrap us around the storytellers little finger.  Being able to identify them will enable you to tell yours in a much more compelling way.

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