What if I rephrased to say “do you struggle with STRESS, ANXIETY or FEAR (or any kind of painful negative emotion), from a PAST TRAUMATIC EVENT or EXPERIENCE”??

Does that better describe what you are feeling??

When we think of PTSD we most often think of soldiers who have been working in war zones. And yes, not only can the events experienced and seen in war torn countries cause PTSD, but also the stress of the everyday life in that environment. That constant tension, worry, fear and stress, every day, day in, day out, is in itself a trauma to the body and mind!!!

There are also lots of other events in the lives of everyday women that can result in PTSD as well.

  •          Being involved in a car accident, being the first on the scene, or having someone you love in an accident.
  •          Working in the emergency services; police, fire, ambulance, nurses, that have to respond to all sorts of traumatic events, and have to get the job done, no matter what they see or feel at the time.
  •           Experiencing a painful or traumatic birth
  •           Being held up in a robbery, either at work or in your own home.
  •           Being physically or emotionally abused in relationships.
  •           Being raped or physically assaulted.
  •           Relationship breakup/ divorce
  •           Death of child, spouse, parent, sibling or friend

Any of the above events, and many more, can change your life in an instant. From one minute being strong and capable, to the next not wanting to, or not being able to leave the house. Maybe you started suffering from night mares, anxiety attacks, depression, feeling alone, withdrawn, or angry? Do you now wake up wondering how you are going to get through the day? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with emotions you can’t understand or control?

Have you tried psychologically, psychiatry, counselling, or other modalities, to find little or nothing has changed? Are you made to talk about the event and re-live the trauma each time you do? Do you come away feeling worse, not better? Have you been doing the same thing over and over again for months, or even years with no result?

Some experts currently believe the only way to deal with severe PTSD is to de-sensitize you, by making you relive the event over and over again. Taking years of pain to get nowhere fast. Can you imagine having to relive your trauma? Whether it was rape, physical assault, death of loved one, bomb blast, or car accident (for example), talking about each and every detail, every single week for years and years? Are you being freshly traumatised each time, getting absolutely no relief from the emotional turmoil ruling your life!!

As a young 18 year old, I was involved in a horrific car accident, hundreds of miles from the closest hospital. The car rolled for what seemed like forever, and I somehow knew that a part of my body was outside of the car. It was in slow motion, & each time I hit my head I believed I was going to die. When it eventually stopped and I raced to get out, I remember seeing Wendy in the back seat, covered in dust and not moving, thinking that she was dead. I can remember sitting on the side of the road bleeding, for what seemed like hours, hearing Wendy scream, then hoping to hear more to know she was still alive. There were so many emotions that shook my body for those hours, and for the days that followed.

I now believe this event was the start of many years of struggling with fear and depression. I started having anxiety attacks being a passenger, and found myself wanting to scream at whoever was driving to slow down, even if they were only going 80!! I lost my self-confidence, the feeling of being in control of my life was gone, and everything seem to unravel. I would seem OK to others, but fall apart as soon as I was alone. My depression grew worse over the years and other emotions grew also, taking over who I was, and how I lived.

As the years went on there were more hurts, heartbreak, loss, betrayal and grief. Each time we go through a new event, how we act and react to it is directly influenced by our current state. If we are painfully struggling with emotions like depression, stress or overwhelm, then we cannot deal with the new event, and any new traumas are likely to add layer upon layer of emotional turmoil until we completely fall apart, or find a solution.

20 years after the car accident, I finally found a solution that works. I was able to erase all the depression, fear, and pain, as well as the hurt, sadness and grief that came later, all the negative feelings that had had me struggling for so long.  I have found peace, joy and I feel like me again. I have my confidence back, and have a whole new passion for life. I believe my purpose now is to help other women who need to know this process too.

Don’t wait 20 years to get your life back!

As a Women’s Breakthrough Transformogolist® and licenced Creatrix® Facilitator, I have learnt a new and unbelievably painless, fast and organic way to help women with PTSD (and all other painful emotional blocks). Giving women their life back in as little as three, 2 hour sessions. How you ask?

Psychologically, psychiatry, counselling and modalities like NLP are all based on men’s perspectives on how the brain consciously and unconsciously works, whereas Creatrix® is based on what they missed, the truth about the female’s hormonal and emotional connection, entwined with her biology and psychology. It’s created in line with the innate way women operate according to biology, spirituality, hormonally and psychologically, with the understanding that women access the maternal and creator elements of consciousness.

When you choose the Creatrix® Breakthrough solution, you only have to tell your story once! Not even that really, as we don’t need every single detail of what happened to you, instead we work to find the emotions you were feeling at the time, and are feeling now. So instead of reliving all the details, we work with you to find exactly what you were feeling. “ I felt terrified, I had no control, I feel angry, I am overwhelmed with grief, sadness, loss………”

Your emotions are like the layers of an onion. There are lots and lots of layers, (suppressed emotions), and each can only be reached by peeling one layer at a time. We work together to find the emotions that are holding you hostage, and then we work on each emotion separately, once it’s gone, ITS GONE, and we go onto the next. This is why it works for every single woman. There is no- one size fits all, each and every single women is different, has different awareness, perspectives, and emotions! Creatrix® works because it is specific to you!!! To your emotions! No other women has your exact emotions, how you are feeling right now, or how any particular event affected you.

Even if two women went through the same event together, they will act and react differently than the other. Every conversation, relationship and event in your whole life, has created your individual perception, and reality right now.

There is no right or wrong on how each of us processes traumatic events. Truth is, a lot of the time we have no control over how our minds and emotions deal with what has happened.

It is important for women to be aware of what is happening, when they start to struggle or find themselves not being able to cope with certain situations, or life!! You need to know that there is a process that can release these painful & sometimes crippling emotions, so that you can get on with life as it should be, full of peace, purpose and joy for each new day.

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