Networking reassures, humbles,educates, broadens and challenges us. It can take us on journeys we never thought possible because of the people we never expected to meet. It opens doors, closes some,  enables us to learn about ourselves and others and, if done patiently, lays the foundations for relationships we neverconsidered with people we may have believed beyond our interests. 

Feeling helpful?  Good. Thinking abundantly? Excellent! Out of sales mode? Cool. Feeling brave? Then let’s get on with it…If you can put your head in this space then you are destined to be a networking Queen.

Networking is doing what is required to build up a store of goodwill in others. By doing this, you are creating a mindset in the people you have helped that makes them want to return the favour. Consequently, it’s an especially effective technique for women who are, in general, more community-minded and given to giving than men.

Excellent! You’ve recognised the benefits of networking, you’re thinking abundantly, you’ve selected a group, you’re keen to make it work patiently and you’re ready to kick networking butt!

So now what? Well, now it’s time to prepare… You know people are going to be asking what you do, right? So, get that elevator pitch sorted! The short answer is that we at Business in Heels have some harsh news for you – your business’s success depends on the benefits you provide to your clients. So learn to communicate in a manner that takes “I” out of the equation. 


1.Get yourself some spankin’ heels! They are great ice-breakers.

2.Take “I” out of your elevator pitch.

3.You only get one chance at first impressions.

4.Speak to the host. Hosts are connected – that’s exactly the type of person you came to meet.

5.Be patient and genuinely helpful. Relationships take time and so does building the store of goodwill that results in favours and introductions being sent your way.

We hope you have enjoyed this excerpt from our book The Heel to Toe of Networking. Please follow this link to download it. 


Lisa & Jo