Great advice from Hazel Walker – “The Queen of Networking” 

Over-committing to others is one of the top challenges for women. We are reluctant to say no to family and friends. They know this, so they keep asking because we keep doing. All the while not getting our own goals met, neglecting our own health and well-being and all the while building up resentment and anxiety. 

Time is something that we never have enough of, as a woman we are constantly busy. Taking care of children, husband, and parents. We volunteer, we work full-time jobs, we take on projects for our bosses, we work overtime, we shop for the family, run a taxi service for our children and on and on and on. Our time is precious so why do we give our time up so easily? 

Money can be made, but time is gone forever. As women, we undervalue our time and give it away too freely. 

This week, take the time to list all of your activities, how are they serving you? How are you serving them? Which of them do you need to give up? Where in your life, are you doing things out of a sense of duty versus a passion for the activity? Where in your life are you not really giving 100%?

How often in all of those activities are you investing in your future? When you do that, you will know what you need to give up and what you should say No to.




5 Tips on How to Say NO :- 

1.   Avoid saying, “I‘m too busy”,  it’s lazy and arrogant.

2.    Try saying “I am sorry I have a list of high priorities and I just cannot take on another one at this time.”

3.   “Thank you for asking, but that isn’t going to work out for me.”

4.   I can’t do but I bet Abigail could.”

5.   “Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support! I’m sorry I’m not able to help you at this time.” 

Excerpt from “The Heel to Toe of Networking”. I f you have enjoyed this and would to read the book it is free to download.