Networking Tips – Compliance Junkies

Are you the sort of girl who’s always logical and organised? Would you describe yourself as systematic? Careful? Accurate? If so, chances are you’ve been blessed with the final in our series or DISC profiles. You’re a Compliance junkie!

Nothing wrong with that. We’re all different and we’re all needed.

When faced with a problem, you love to follow the process that will lead to the solution. If no process exists, you may find yourself a little lost. That is – until you invent the process! Your devotion to the process gives you the path to follow which provides the sense of security you’re addicted to. Your sensible nature is averse to risk taking so the known system must be followed at all costs. Logical and objective, you are excellent at cutting through the noise to the roadmap that leads to the solution.

With a motto of “Do it Right” you’re confident, independent and place great importance on accuracy and expertise. With all this in your favour what could possibly go wrong? Hmm…

Well, if you’re recognising this as you, you may well recognise the following as your most obvious of drawbacks. You’re impatient with people who don’t follow the system! Let’s face it – how could they not follow the system? What’s wrong with them? There’s a system laid out neatly, step by step that’s perfectly plain. Just follow it! Right?!?!

So in a networking sense, what should you concentrate on? In one word – acceptance. People are different. They are a complicated bowl of cooked spaghetti and linguini tossed with herbs and spices and meats and vegetables that don’t necessarily go together. Some are like you in that they find comfort in the process. Most, however, are not. Most of us follow the process while it suits then we abandon it. We stick to the speed limit until we’re in a hurry and need to overtake.

So, what you regard as imperfections could equally be described and being human. It’s best to allow this to go on without judgement.


Lisa & Jo