Over the next four weeks, we’ll be discussing collaboration.  We’ll look at it from a variety of angles and shed some light on why it’s used by many successful entrepreneurs.  It may even serve as a motivator to urge more people to give it a try.

So let’s jump in with – why bother?

1.      No single person has all the answers.  How many times do you meet someone at an event who knows how to fix a problem you’re experiencing?  They tell you what to do and make the solution sound easy but it’s still all Greek to you.  Additionally, you can’t afford to hire them because you’re a solo-preneur with limited capital so you think you have to do everything yourself.  Stop right there!  Asking for help opens doors.  Yes, no one wants to work for nothing but everyone has problems, some of which you can solve.  So collaborate and solve each other’s problems.

2.      Twice the heads = Twice the ideas and simpler selling!  Would it be easier to find customers if two of you were looking?  Three?  In case you’re in any doubt, the answer is ‘Yes’.  When two, or more, of you start looking together, ideas begin to flow and strategies are developed that never happened as individuals.  And something else happens – you’re no longer stuck selling yourself!  You can each sell the other with confidence as you’ve all worked for each other.  That’s soooo much easier than talking about yourself at an event!

3.      As a group, your offer is now bigger.  This means together you’re attractive to more people.  (And if you added that third person… well, just sayin’!)  The more problems you solve the more awareness you build of yourselves and, don’t look now, but you three(?) are becoming an unofficial brand.  Big companies don’t just solve one problem.  They help their customers on many levels.  In doing so they create their own gravity and attract more clients.

Next week we’ll discuss target markets and how to choose who will be good for your business and vice-versa.

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From those in Heels

Lisa & Jo