Think of a big brand.  It keeps itself big by having multiple points of contact with its target market.  Messages are fed through a variety of channels thereby keeping themselves top of mind.  So when the time comes for a member of the target market to purchase, the big brand has made it easy to become the chosen one because the subliminal message is already implanted.

Consider your marketing strategy.  

Have you clearly defined your target market? Think of age, gender, average income, white collar/blue collar, education, suburb/town/state/country, interests, desires, needs, other.

Where/when do they gather?  Are they at sporting contests, luxury car yards, Facebook groups, networking events, specialty stores?  Do they gather in the morning, afternoon, evening, weekends, week days, other?

Are you connecting with them in a space they enjoy as opposed to the ones you offer?  Are they on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram?  Do they search websites, read newsletters, blogs newspapers or magazines?  Do they attend networking events, listen to the radio, watch television, consume video marketing? Other?

Are they hearing from you at an effective rate?  Don’t annoy them.  Don’t let them forget you.  It’s a balance!

Is your message specific to their needs/desires?  Let them know your products and services can fix their problems and enhance their lives.  

Does your message say you are trustworthy?  This is critical because – IT SHOULDN’T!  If someone came up to you in the street and said, “Hi, I’m Jane and I’m a trustworthy purveyor of fine diamond rings,” would you trust her?  Of course not!  You’d immediately think she’s selling cubic zirconias!   So why do so many business operators describe themselves as trustworthy?  Trust must be earned and nobody will assume you’re worthy of it until you’ve proven yourself.  In marketing, trustworthiness must be implied via social proof, never stated.

Clearly identifying your target market is essential.  Once you’ve answered the questions above you’ll be in much better shape to communicate with them.  

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