Normal human behaviour is that we are effective and efficient at the things we enjoy so chances are the opposite is also true.  This means we spend more time and energy doing things we don’t like simply because, well, we don’t like them!!!  They annoy us, sap our energy, increase stress because we don’t do them well or they are boring to us and probably deflate us a little along the way.

So here’s another question… is having these thoughts on a regular basis going to help you maintain the positive frame of mind you need to be in to successfully run a business?

Probably not.

Here’s another thought…

Look at the list of things you do that you don’t like doing again.  How many of those things are not directly involved in earning an income?  By that I mean, you’re either communicating with clients or doing work for them.  I bet it’s most of them.

Do you have a long list of subjects you know you need to get to? The ones you really know nothing about, but feel you will need some knowledge like BAS, legal structures, contracts, facebook adverts, google adwords and the list goes on.

So let’s put a few of the pieces together…

The things you don’t like doing and know nothing of take up time to learn, sap your energy, reduce your positivity, increase stress and restrict the time available to earn money.  And they do this regularly.

Who suddenly wants to eat a dozen Mars Bars?

Here’s the thing… you don’t need to do those things.  You could farm them out and spend more time earning money.  You just need to find the right people to talk to, the ones you can learn from or outsource.

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