Confidence isn’t something you teach.  It comes via many paths with the most common being education.  When people learn the why and how behind the what they are trying to accomplish they are far more likely to give it a go, make a mistake or two, realise the world hasn’t fallen apart and continue to perfect the what because they recognise a need. 

Obviously at Business in Heels, our what is networking.  Our why is to grow your contact sphere to increase the chances of you giving and receiving referrals.  Our how is what these blogs are all about – we aim to educate so you feel confident to give it a go and reap the rewards.

Nonetheless, despite the education we offer weekly, some are still reluctant to try networking due to insufficient confidence.  Fair enough.  So here’s one important motivator I’ve seen people succumb to prior to breaking down and giving networking a go…

Frustration.  I like to surf and it frustrates me that I’m intimidated by waves over 1 meter.  Really!  It annoys the Gidget out of me!  (Remember Gidget from the 1959 movie of the same name?  She was played by Sandra Dee and when she wasn’t boy crazy she was always in the surf on an 8ft Malibu.)  Anyway, when I’m out in those conditions, I feel out of my depth so just catch the inshore, small, unchallenging waves.  While I’m playing small like this, I watch the other surfers having a great time with the 1 meter waves.  Their rides are longer, their moves are smoother and their smiles are bigger.  It sucks!  However, on the few occasions I’ve taken the chance – I’ve loved it!  Sure, I’ve fallen off and gone over the falls but I’ve also caught a few gnarly waves, dude!  And these are the waves that live in my memory.


If you want to network but are lacking confidence, maybe letting your frustration build up could help.  Will you make mistakes?  I guarantee it!  Will you get better at it?  I guarantee that too.  

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