Wow Factor High!  Nerves Red-Lining!  Intimidation Zone Critical!

Yep, that’s television.  There’s fear, adrenalin and a nervous toilet stop just before you go on.  Guess what.  It’s all natural and, if you give it a go, it could redirect the course of your business.

Mid-morning television shows need content and a large sector of their audience is stay-at-home parents looking after young children.  So if you provide a product or service that caters to that market then put together a short video (just use your phone on a tripod) and send it off to a producer.  Television producers are visual people so get some easy cut-through by communicating in their language.  

On your video, demonstrate your product or outline your service and see if you can get a couple of customers to give you a testimonial each on camera.  This social proof carries enormous weight and makes the decision to put you to air much easier.

Okay, the producer likes your video and wants to put you to air.  Fabulous!  Send out an invitation to all your clients, friends and associates and let them know the date you’re on.  Ask these people to circulate your appearance to their friends on social media.  Go on – you can do it!  You’re going to provide a huge WOW factor so the whole world needs to see you, right?  In case you’re thinking of chickening out – THE ANSWER IS YES!

Now here you are – sitting on a stool with the world watching and you’re effortlessly responding to questions you are totally qualified to answer.  You come across as confident, secure and in control.  In fact, you’re rocking it!

You finish your session and are handed a copy of your interview for your own purposes.  So make sure you put it on your website, Facebook page and send a copy to Business in Heels.  We can circulate it to an additional 65,000 women who can then tag their friends.  

Would all that bring in a few extra inquiries about your business?