You’ve been to a networking event and met someone you think may become a great referral partner. You chatted easily, quickly established rapport, exchanged business cards and now it’s time to see if the relationship can progress. So what next?

Here are 5 things you should make sure are in order to help you quickly establish your bona fides, professionalism and build some trust along the way : –

1.Social media profiles are often neglected. That’s a big mistake! Read yours and make sure it casts you in a professional, up-beat and knowledgeable light. Remove pictures that detract from your character and keep the ones that make you look fun to be around. Consider a professional writer to give your LinkedIn profile a lift.

2.Your website is one great big advertisement for you and your business.  Make sure it’s easy to navigate, covers your business offer succinctly and reflects who and what you want to be seen as. If in doubt, get someone you trust to offer constructive advice. Make sure it’s current and has the right word/picture ratio.

3.Add testimonials to your social media pages and website. This social proof is gold because others’ opinion of you is far more valuable than yours of yourself.

4.Your image is a key component which can enhance your business. Consider a professionally taken series of shots which can then be used for the next decade or so in all your advertising collateral. Just as a professional writer can give your words cut-through, a professional photographer can give your image the presence you need.

5. A short video can quickly and easily let your personality shine through. This is not for everyone though as, unfortunately, the camera loves some more than others. Sorry, that’s just how it is.


This short list can immediately and dramatically influence the way others see you. Need help? Email us at and we’ll point you in the right direction.