Many business people join a Facebook or LinkedIn group with the hope they will engage with others, make connections and ultimately earn money.  Fair enough.  For most of us, being in business is about making money!  However when joining a group, many forget about the social niceties that will improve their odds.  Instead, they jump right into sales mode and describe their products, services, point of difference and availability.  This is all important information, it’s just too soon to give it!

Hands up everyone who likes to be sold to.  Hmm, I don’t see too many hands.  The first word in social media is social.  Nonetheless, many people forget to apply normal social standards to their behaviour on social media and get dejected when it doesn’t work.  Try this approach…

“Good morning.  I’m Wendy and I’m new to the group.  Mary Bongiorno told me about the friendly and professional nature of you guys and suggested a florist like me would be a wonderful addition.  So, thanks for having me!  Many of my contacts work in the wedding and events sector.  If you’re interested to learn more, let’s see if we can hook up for a real or virtual coffee date.  I’d love to learn more about your businesses and networks too.”

And that’s it!   Your way into the group was mentioned, they know what you do, you haven’t sold them anything, you’ve indicated a willingness to be helpful and a desire to build genuine relationships by issuing the invitation. 

If you wish, use this as a template and substitute your relevant details and watch the responses come rolling in.  When they do, remain circumspect and remember to bring the process along slowly to enable the relationship to grow and trust to develop.

Another example I am Rosie new to the group. My business involves helping kids achieve their dreams by bespoke tutoring in Maths and English, which I love. Can anyone suggest some ways I can connect with the local schools?”

The internet presents a world of possibilities just waiting to be tapped into.  And that’s great!  Just don’t forget you’re dealing with humans on the other end of your keyboard.  The same social norms apply as if you were face to face.

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