Networking is about developing your networth. Building rapport with like  minded small business women to grow your business and help them grow theirs.

Networking is easy witha few simple guide lines

Be yourself 

Be honest

Be open to listening to what others have to say

Be supportive of others plights

and above all have fun while you are fing it

Have Fun with Purpose.

I am so looking forward to the next BIH Geelong event. It will be the last one for this year and we are going out with a bang.

Not only do we have a brilliant guest speaker in Olivia White from Insight Spiritual Councelling. Watch out for the fun event special we have to offer you on the night. SGHHH its a secret you have to be there to experience it  Everyone will go home with a Xmas present as well as their goodie bags.  

November 29th will be so memoriable you will not want to wait until February 9th for our next event