If I was paid $1 for every time someone said to me that they would love to get publicity for their business or product but don’t have the time/money/head space to do it straight away, I would be a squillionaire by now!

Getting good publicity, and lots of it, for your business can completely transform it. I have seen it happen many, many times. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. If you can afford to pay an agency to do it for you, then you should,  but if you can’t afford to pay an agency and you still want publicity, why not do it yourself?

I am a firm believer that there is no time like the present to get ahead. If you really want to get PR then you should be aware that there is often a ‘lag’ between when the media say that they like your story and will publish it, and when it actually appears. It really depends on what media as all of them have lead times, but monthly magazines often work 3-4 months ahead, TV and radio shows work 1-2 weeks ahead and even weekend newspapers tend to work a week or two ahead. It is only bloggers and websites that often publish immediately.

The beauty of the PR ‘lag’ though, is that you will often be getting articles for another month or two after you finish. And then you can go to town getting that coverage out across all your social media channels, newsletters, posting it on your website and increasing your SEO with the inbound links.

So, don’t put it off! get started on your PR so that you are getting consistently featured in the media this summer and into next year.

If you’re not sure if PR is right for your business, or what your media-friendly angles might be, book a no-obligation call with Jules! Free 15 minute consultation to talk about YOUR business and YOUR PR goals.

Jules Brooke