Congratulations!  You’ve got your educational package ready to sell!  Now – how do you get it under the noses of your target market?

Once again it’s the internet that provides part of the answer via social media and your website.  The other part of the solution comes from your connections.

To the internet…

Get your website developer to install an online shop on your website with transaction facilities and use social media or other groups to send your customers to it.  Sounds easy right?  Well, it is but there are some things you should know.

Find out where your target market hangs out online.  If they’re female, Business in Heels is an obvious option as you’re already there but there are other groups too.  LinkedIn, for example, has numerous groups and is aimed at professionals often in MLEs (Did we just invent an acronym?  Medium to Large Enterprises?) and Facebook has all manner of businesses and groups represented.  And don’t forget Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram.  Regardless of the one you choose, join the groups that are made up of your target market and contribute actively and knowledgably.  This boosts your store of goodwill and your authority in your field.  If you’re doing a good job, people will comment on your offerings and that is a chance to engage and build your audience.  Request they visit your site, mention your e-offering and you’re away!  A little later, request a testimonial and show it to the world.  Then you’ve turned a customer into a cheerleader who’s highly likely to send their contacts to your site.  Create a buzz by giving a few away to get more feedback.   

Doing this makes the till tick over as you sleep.

The other method is communicating with the contacts you already have – your network.  They already know you so you’re half way there!  Organise to speak at an event and do so with the intention of educating your audience, not selling to them.  This will further enhance your credibility and, counter-intuitively, make you a more saleable commodity.  To inspire your audience, tell stories involving personal bravery, highs and lows and taking the necessary action.  Before you know it, they’ll be signing up for your course or e-book and you’ll crash the server!  (Well, maybe that’s a little way off.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

Business in Heels offers many tools to assist women business owners to make all this happen.  If you’re interested, investigate –

·         Yes Course

·         New Diamond Member bonuses

·         Our many Facebook groups

·         Our online networking events

·         Xchange

·         Unlimited blogging

All these will set you up as the expert and enable you to shine brightly for target market.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and learned a little along the way. If you have missed any parts just search “Thinking Big”.


From those in Heels 

Jo & Lisa.