What will you (or your business) be doing over the summer break?

Resting, sun-baking or simply checking out… 

The reality is, that savvy brands have already automated or put into place marketing their brand, before they even ‘checked out’. 

They did this because long gone are the days of business being able to relax during the festive period, and taking a ‘she’ll be right mate!’ attitude for the new year. Looked at the news lately?  Markets are in turmoil, Governments are in chaos and business still needs to thrive in it all. 

Technology, social media and software has made marketing so much easier to automate these days… Yet so many brands are oblivious to exactly what can be done (and cost effectively).

SmallBusinessTrends.com in Dec 2017 reported on the level of business and marketing activity during the christmas period and here’s what they found:

“there were 60 million activities during the week of Christmas… And if you were in healthcare, media and entertainment, education, and business services, these industries experienced a 25 percent increase.”

So, if you think this is another one of the marketing newsletters, trying to get more business from you. Then you’d be right. 

YES, we want to do more work with you. And, we want to help get a slice of that 25% increase before your competitor does in the new year.

Of course, don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

Start by taking a look at what some of your competitors are actually doing, if they seem quiet its probably because they’re already planning their next move.

Some of our clients have already scheduled their electronic campaigns or worked on their content for their social media marketing, and the really savvy are updating their SEO to enhance their website’s search engine ranking.

Don’t wait until late January 2019 to kick start your marketing activities. If you do, you won’t be ready until February or March, and by then it may be too late – you’ll have missed a prime opportunity to keep you brand top of mind. Take advantage of the slower activity period to gear up for the year ahead. 

So what’s your next move over summer?

Joanne Gianotto