By giving their family all the love and support they need, AND having a career to boot!


Sound familiar?


I hope so!


For me, when the weekend comes, and the dreaded lurgy hits the household, these are the days when a Mum just has to be a Mum.


The best thing about being a Mum is I thrive seeing my children develop and want to be there for them whether they’re on the playing field, or walking around feeling miserable because they have a cold.


I know myself, growing up, there was nothing better than a cuddle from Mum if I was feeling low.


These days, my Mum lives interstate, so I don’t often get that from her, but I love being able to give my two children a heartfelt cuddle when they want or need it.


But for me, family comes first when it comes to their health and needs.


It doesn’t mean that I can’t be career driven, nor do I want to be stuck in the same role for ever.  I have as many desires to advance in my career as any other person, and I know that you can find a balance.


There is one essential piece of advice to remember to ensure you succeed in finding the balance that suits YOU and your family.


Keep communicating!


This sounds simple, but quite often when life gets busy we forget to keep communication lines open both at home and at work.


You’ve probably heard the saying “it takes a village” when it comes to raising kids, but if the village around you doesn’t know you need support or even how they can support you then you’re going to still struggle.


My husband & I decide the balance quite often on a daily basis taking in to account what each other has happening at work, and what activity the kids have on after school.


There are honestly weeks where one of us does a lot more than the other, but having discussed it in the lead up, there is complete understanding and buy in from each other.


So, as my children have gotten older, and if my husband has been away on work, I’ve started to take up the offer on occasion of someone helping me by picking the kids up for sports training so that I didn’t have to stress about getting them to training late or not at all with meetings that were planned.


It’s the only way we cope with both working full time and having very active children who love their sports, and who we love watching and supporting them in whatever they choose to do.


At work, I found out very recently how critical it is to keep communication happening from the outset.


Chances are your Manager has a family, and understands when life throws a curve ball your way. You just have to be open and honest about your situation, and find a solution that will work for you.


It may be that you have to balance your work between the office and home. In the era of increasing options on flexible working, there is bound to be a solution that works for you.


I’ve always had the opinion that as long as the work is being done, it doesn’t matter where it is being done.


The reliance is on you to keep the lines of communication open, and for that you need to realise that you deserve every success.


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