In life, we often feel like we get stuck in situations and places because we feel like we have no choice. You always have a choice, so don’t ever let anyone convince you that you don’t. Even staying in a situation that is no longer serving you is a choice.


What are you choosing for yourself today?


There are no so-called bad choices in life, just experiences. If you change your focus, you can change your experience completely.


So-called bad choices often lead to better choices. Why? Because only by making the wrong ones sometimes, you can learn valuable lessons and find the right choices to take you forward. We have all experienced this in life.


I have, just like everyone else, made choices that turned out to seem wrong or somehow bad for me at the time. Yet, the truth is that these choices have time and time again lead me to better ones. Today all the choices I make, whether perceived as good or bad, help me to grow. So-called mistakes help me find better ways forward in all parts of my life. People that haven’t valued me have taught me one of the most valuable life lessons, to know to value myself first. How can you expect anyone else to value you if you don’t value yourself?


I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned and continue to learn on the journey of life. I no longer berate myself if I make a mistake because I choose to embrace what is in it for me to learn instead. I have and continue to choose to learn and grow from every experience. I have learned to lean into spaces, conversations and situations that feel difficult and uncomfortable because I’ve learned that’s where exponential growth is.


You to can do the same and it is easier than you think!


You need to experience wrong to know what right looks like, yet we are all somehow teaching each other to be overly cautious and not make mistakes. Why is this?


If we can all learn to grow through these valuable experiences. Then, in turn, learn to value these qualities in others, life will begin to look remarkably different.


In the workplaces that exist now, we are apprehensive about trying new things and sharing new ideas. Which, as a result, cause us to be perceived as incompetent or even worse still, lose our jobs. Imagine a workplace that promoted risk-taking to test ideas quickly as an enabler to find the ones that work, leading us collectively to better business and professional development outcomes all-round.


The fear embedded in our workplaces is leaving businesses stagnating, where there are quite literally thousands of undeveloped ideas bubbling below the surface just waiting to be invited to the surface to be explored. Someone has to go first!


It all begins with you! Be a pioneer in your life and workplace. Share your ideas courageously and instil a practice in your children and colleagues of taking risks, then watch the beauty of creativity unfold before your very eyes.


Change your perception of your choices, and you will tap into a potential that is significantly more powerful than any situation you will ever experience in life. Teach others by leading by example. Then the true power of your choice has the potential to change the world by a potent force of the ripple effect.


How are you looking at your choices? Are you scared to step outside the box into the sandpit of creative thinking?


The ball is in your court. What you do next can change everything!