Katrina verso conceived the idea for Cammino after a long career in media in Melbourne’s CBD. She was one of the many women who collected ballet flats under their desk for some relief from the day in heels. A common challenge she encountered was that we all searched for a shoe that was as comfortable as it was stylish but also stood the test of time. And those flats were hard to find! So this, coupled with a love of the quality workmanship of shoes made in Italy inspired her to create this label.
She created this brand with the vision of the busy women needing something comfortable, stylish and well made as an alternative to heels. She has collaborated with a 3rd generation family in Italy to create a foldable flat that can be slipped into your bag. Cammino’s are made from the softest Italian leather with an elasticised upper to fit comfortably on any foot size.

My label Cammino, is dedicated to Handmade Italian leather ballet flats. I design them here in Melbourne and they are made in the region of Le Marche in Italy.” she says.

Since launch in November last year she has seen a steady stream of on-line sales driven by her social media and Facebook advertising. She has customers coming back for 2nd and 3rd and in one case a 4th pair! As her social following has grown so too have the sales.  More recently she has used influencers and “the sales just exploded”.
 “We couldn’t be more proud of where the brand has come in the last 8 months. “
Her goal for next year is to double the range and continue to build our on-line presence in addition to being stocked in selected stores. “Ultimately I want women to think Cammino when they think of ballet flats. One day I would love to hear Cammino being used as the generic word for a high quality foldable ballet flat.”