Sneh Rana was once a frequent visitor to Sunesha Thapa’s Business in Heels events in Kathmandu.  Last year’s earthquake severely impacted her business by making it impossible for her to meet with clients and because many weddings were cancelled. You see, Sneh gives brides the confidence to be the centre of attention on the biggest day of their lives by using her artistic talents and skills.  Fortunately, as normality slowly returns and love finds its way through the rubble, weddings are once again making bells peel in Nepal.


If you had to provide one word that encapsulated Sneh it would be ‘creative.’

For Sneh, creativity is all about inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun.  Only through this exploratory phase can she then establish the methods which are right for her and bring each of her canvases to life.

Sneh was chosen to study under the accomplished makeup artist Marvie Beck.  To put this into perspective, Marvie Ann Beck is India’s makeup artist to the stars.  Her talents dominate Bollywood and the entertainment industry.  Outside of India, Hilary Swank and Cate Blanchett have utilised her skills.  So imagine Sneh’s sense of exhilaration when she was accepted!

Upon graduation, Sneh was invited to Mumbai to assist the legendary makeup guru Cory Walia.  This was a considerable honour for Sneh.  Cory needed help with India Fashion Week 2003 and only the top people in the trade were invited to help.  This was the springboard she needed.

After the quake, many weddings were put on hold and finances became tight as inflation soared uncontrollably. Sneh and all the other businesswomen of Sunesha’s branch are looking forward to reconnecting at the Kathmandu event on March 8. With prices so high and simple supplies nearly impossible to come by they would greatly appreciate your assistance.