Being a corporate stress head was all I ever knew for 20 years. It was what was the norm, almost as though you had to be that way to be seen as a high performer.

It came at such a price though. I was constantly sick with colds, migraines, PCOS, and even whooping cough! No-one ever mentioned that it might be because I was stressed, eating rubbish, drinking like a pirate and the most exercise I go was signing the membership form at various gyms. (who hasn’t signed up to a gym and then never actually visited again?!)

At the same time I knew I was outgrowing my role as a senior executive assistant and was seeking change but I wasn’t quite ready to leave the comfort of my six figure salary, great working conditions and the best boss you could wish for. So I decided to channel my energy into improving my health and wellbeing.

There was just something about this new energy and focus that I loved, something I’d ever felt before. I asked myself “what if everyone could feel this happy?”

I left my job and became a personal trainer.

I dreamt big, worked hard (the hours as a trainer are relentless) but there was something within me that wasn’t quite right.

I took with me the mindset and behaviours of the corporate version of me and tried to start a business. Perfectionism, hustle, comparitis, and feeling like I was underachieving compared to others became the downfall. I was too afraid to ask for help. It was like a secret addiction I tried desperately to cover up.

I soon spiraled into depression and planned my exit strategy from life.

In the process of rebuilding life over these past 4 years, I discovered who I really was at my core and the beautiful blessing of my life experiences. I became curious about humans and added human behaviour specialist, nutrition coach, and holistic therapies practitioner to my toolkit.

Inspired Woman was born. Now, I coach corporate women to empower and educate them to reclaim their lives through improved physical and mental wellbeing, with the ultimate aim to reduce statistics of women’s mental health and suicide.

The ability to open up these much-needed conversations has led me to be featured on tv, contribute to books, speak at events and soon publish my own book.

 If you’ve ever felt a struggle with your own mental or physical health I want you to know that there is HOPE, that we can inspire ourselves and others through our journey of growth and together we can make a difference in the world.