Barbara Stokes has quickly become one of the most innovative and dynamic leaders in the housing industry. She teamed up with her husband to launch Green Structure Homes Delivered, a company that manufactures turn-key homes that are delivered to locations throughout North America. They make both residential and commercial buildings and are proud to adhere to some of the toughest standards in the industry on each and every project. Green Structure Homes Delivered has its headquarters in Alabama, but it is quickly gaining recognition all over the country for its unique business model and ability to efficiently construct much-needed structures. 

The team at Green Structure Homes Delivered boasts over 30 years of experience in designing and building custom structures. The project planners and engineers are all highly skilled in developing durable and affordable homes and commercial buildings. The company has been awarded dozens of major government contracts and has been praised for its efforts to help families with their permanent relocation efforts in the wake of serious natural disasters.

Barbara Stokes is putting her engineering degree from Mercer University to outstanding use as the leader and visionary behind Green Structure Homes Delivered. She brings a diverse range of corporate and project planning experience to this venture thanks to her prestigious roles at Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She has also gained valuable experience in the field of government contracting and prides herself on her extensive knowledge of how to best work with FEMA in helping communities to recover and rebuild after major disasters.

Although running a busy company would be more than enough responsibility for most professionals in her shoes, Stokes still finds time to stay active within the Huntsville, Alabama community. She regularly volunteers at the schools of her three children and is an inspiration when it comes to finding ways to excel at both a career and raising her family. Stokes says that it takes a concerted effort to maintain constant balance between her work and home life but that she finds great comfort in knowing that she has a great family support system to fall back on. In fact, she credits her parents with always being able and willing to offer safe advice as part of what has made her and her husband so successful in her business ventures.

Stokes is quick to point out that the success of her construction company would not be possibly without the extremely talented team of professionals that she has cultivated. She has done amazing job recruiting some of the top talent in the industry. What makes her business model and corporate culture even more remarkable is that she has been able to retain this professional talent even in a tumultuous industry. Stokes believes in investing in creating a strong corporate culture that nurtures collaboration and creativity. Employees are encouraged to always think outside the box and continue to push the boundaries on innovation and problem solving in housing.


At the core of her business model is a strong desire to embrace challenges in the housing industry that many other companies find not profitable enough to pursue. Stokes is a huge supporter of affordable housing options and is a tireless advocate for inclusion in communities across America. She is currently exploring options to expand the community planning arm of her company so that sustainable and affordable growth is available in all areas of the country. Stokes thinks that women have a crucial role to play in expanding opportunities for this type of development and is encouraged by the strides being made through efforts to increase STEM opportunities for young women of all backgrounds.