I was inspired to start mudputty to bring people together. Real-life interactions and relationships that are vital to our happiness, our health and social health.

I meet so many people who feel disconnected, they struggle for years to find their tribe. In a world of digitalisation we really have forgotten how to have ‘real life connections’.


As a busy mum with two small children, I used classes as a way to connect with others. When you attend a class you walk in, see smiling faces and feel uplifted. After the class you have a chat and you feel connected with a sense of purpose and community.


The trouble though was finding classes. I’d spent hours searching for a local class only to come up empty-handed. Later, I’d hear about an amazing activity through word-of-mouth and wonder why nobody knew about it.

That’s what sparked the idea for mudputty

There’s always obstacles for business and mudputty is no different. There’s little things that are a big deal, for instance we upgraded the website and the www.mudputty.com wasn’t redirecting properly, so would say page not found. As most links we used were https://mudputty.com the error was not found for a day. One day of potential customers thinking we didn’t exist – not good.


The biggest obstacle for us right now is being self-funded. There’s a lot to do with a small amount of money. There’s lots of ways to overcome this obstacle and the solution right now in the early days is in being creative and getting as many attendees to the site booking and buying gift vouchers to continue the growth.


Success for mudputty is about making a difference. Each day if we are bridging the disconnect and bringing people together, if we are getting people involved and active and helping people find their tribe, we are successful.

Mudputty is more than finding classes its about real life connections and we’re on a mission to take the disconnected and make them re-engage in life. If we are doing that, we are successful.

I feel that making a difference is what life is all about and I love being able to change the world, one class at a time. It’s a big dream to have, I know. I’m up for the challenge.



Raeleen Kaesehagen

Founder of MudPutty

Facebook : @mudputtyAustralia

Contact : +61 7 5588 8564