I always knew I wanted to work with women. To empower them and support them, and in doing so, change the way they relate to themselves and each another. I’m a feminist. Big on sisterhood because growing up, I never had one. Well, I had sisters, three of them, but we were never on the same team. I have known my “why” for a very long time, I just wasn’t exactly sure on my “how”.


Then one day, I was lying naked on a stage, crying away the shame I had just taken on from a female artist in the studio, and it came to me! You see shame is not usually present in the art studio, it is a sacred space away from society, where the naked body is revered, appreciated, admired, and all life models; utterly respected. It was this sacred space I wanted other women to experience. Women of all shapes and sizes deserved the kind of appreciation artists show. Life modelling could be used as a tool for self-love!


Sketch Marks started to form in my head that night and then, through a series of serendipitous events, I met Jesse, Sketch Marks co-creator, colleague and valued friend. That was October 2017 and by March 2018 I was ready to quit my job and launch into Sketch Marks full time. Ok that’s a lie I was never really ready! The universe pretty  much forced me as I was practically fired!


I faced a lot of challenges along the way – I think how to pay the bills remains the scariest one with excel spreadsheets coming in a close second!! There is also the issue of nudity in my work. Many people are confronted by the naked human body, we’ve been taught to see it as sinful, corruptible, sexual. Some people just don’t think naked is good, so convincing them it can be a powerful tool for healing is not always easy! The Sketch Marks community is growing in spite of that though. We’ve been lucky to have our story shared and our purpose resonates with women everywhere.


Starting up and running your own business is wild. I compare it to having a baby – it’s scary, exciting, messy, your schedule changes dramatically – but by golly it’s rewarding!! And once this baby’s walking – it’s going to be smooth sailing. At least till the toddler years hit!


Bobby Napier

Founder of Sketch Marks

+61 431 382 879



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