At a very early age, we are taught to say “please” and “thank you” usually with dire consequences like the withholding of a prized toy or treat. If you want to see this visit any kindergarten at drop off or pick up, or outside the cinemas when a new Disney film is released and watch parents in action.

So why is saying “Thank you” more than just good manners?

  1. Appreciation

Today, the words “Thank you” are the most powerful two words used to acknowledge understanding, appreciation of support for people who have gone out of their way to help you.

  1. Motivation

Scientific tests have shown that a simple “Thank you” has increased the likelihood of further help by 66% over a group that was helpful and not thanked. Why is this so? Well according to the study the reinforcement of our value makes us want to help even more.

  1. Recognition

Whether it is part of the job and expected of you or not, people need to be acknowledged for their efforts. In our busy fast-paced world this often goes by the wayside. For many working mums multi-tasking between being the perfect wife, mother & the model employee they are often too busy working & doing the job to interact often with people. These are the very people that need to hear “Thank you” regularly. They are often taken for granted & tired trying to balance everything.

  1. Gratitude Promotes Self-Esteem

Being thanked in today’s busy world is not something people take for granted so it is often met with surprise & delight. This encouragement & acknowledgement leads to improving self-esteem & therefore confidence. This sees people taking on new tasks, more adventurous assignments with a more optimistic attitude. So, if you want to be part of a motivated team, either internal or of external collaborators, then find reasons to thank them.

It is important to keep in mind that the converse is also true. Everyone at some time has experienced the “ungrateful, demanding boss” who sucks the life from you by asking for more & nothing is ever good enough. In a 2015 Gallop poll it showed that one in two people left their job as a result of this management style.

  1. Confidence Factor

Once self-esteem is established, consistent “Thank-yous” go a long way to building confidence. Today, one of the biggest factors holding women back in achieving equality in leadership roles is their lack of confidence. This is often demonstrated in the need to “tick all the boxes” rather than giving it a go and learning along the way. An employee or colleague that feels appreciated and has good self-esteem & confidence is more likely to climb the ladder faster.

Similarly, women in mentoring relationships fast-track their success because they are getting constant reinforcement of success, acknowledgement & encouragement all of which builds confidence.

  1. Reciprocity

People that feel appreciated & committed to what they do also want to gift back to the giver. As we have already commented they are more motivated in their work, more likely to help you again & more likely to take on new challenges. In their newfound confidence & self-esteem, they are also more likely to acknowledge others in their team to “share the love”. This takes team dynamics to a whole new level all by simply saying “Thank you”.


Now you have 6 reasons why, and we are sure there are more, what is stopping you? Who are you going to say “Thank you” to today?