Fiona Anson is a mum and a business women who is achieving amazing things. She and her partner founded Workible – a mobile platform that makes it easy to find work that fits around your schedule. This is revolutionising the job market! The platform was developed for those studying, caring for others who need to find work on their terms and ideally for mums!

Fiona is the mum of a 21 year old who has always worked. She knows what it’s like to work around pick ups, drop offs and after school activities. This was one of the driving factors that motivated her to start this business to cater for her busy lifestyle and to allow her to make a difference.

Five years on, our company has gone from an idea in the car, to my study, to the provider of the technology that now powers the largest connected network of job platforms in Australia. Our business now services around 4,000 companies in Australia and around 125,000 jobseekers use the platform to find work.

Watch out these ladies are not pausing to breathe. It is all go with expansion into Asia planned for the second half of 2016.

Where to next… the globe?


Lisa & Jo