All right,

 You’re in the mood,

You’re ready to be brave,

 You’re with a friend,

 You’re wearing an ice-breaker and

 Your elevator pitch is perfect.

Now, swivel on your platforms and get yourself in the room! 

The Who

First off, find a host or organiser type.  These people will know more about the guests than most so they are a great first point of contact.  And, let’s face it, they’re running a networking event so the chances are – they’re connected!  That’s exactly the type of person you want to meet.

Introduce yourself, exchange cards and ask if there are any of the professional types in the room you would like to meet.  When considering who you’d like to meet, think about your position as a link in an active chain of consumer transactions.  There are consumers who use people further up the chain than you and those who need the services of people further along than you.  Isolate who they are in your mind and ask to meet them.

For example…

A mortgage broker helps clients fund houses.  So they need to connect to real estate agents, financial planners, accountants and probate lawyers upstream of themselves to get referrals.  (Yes – probate lawyers!  They handle the assets of deceased estates and so regularly deal with beneficiaries who suddenly find they have money to invest.)

Downstream of them are the referral giving opportunities that can assist their clients in other ways.  If you’re helping your clients in other ways, are they more likely to refer you to their networks?  So a mortgage broker also wants to meet conveyancers, tradies, curtain installers, landscapers etc.

If you only concentrate on the upstream connections you are shooting yourself in the stiletto because you’re missing out on dozens of others you can help who will then happily keep your name alive in the marketplace.

At the event there may be a speaker or other contributors.  They are also wonderful people to approach.  Remember, they have gone out of their way to put together their presentation or offering and would love to be recognised for their trouble.  This puts them in the right enthusiastic mindset to network.


Lisa & Jo

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