Last year I wrote a book called The Agile Project Manager. It was my passion project, and I was excited about sharing my knowledge and expereince with the world. It has received some great feedback and also many questions, which I have happily answered over email, phone or coffee (for those Melbourne based readers). The most common question being..

How did you write The Agile Project Manager?

And the answer is (mostly) simple… I started with an idea, a passion, a model. I did some mind maps, I wrote every day (yes, every day, even when it was rubbish, but that’s a whole other story!). The conversation continues where many reveal they have always wanted to write a book

But I knew you needed more. So in the same way as I wrote The Agile Project Manager to summarise the many thoughts in my head about my passion for Agile, I wrote The Agile Passion Project to summarise how I wrote The Agile Project Manager. It sounds pretty meta, doesn’t it?

It’s a short read, and as my gift to you I have made it at no charge. I would like as many people to read it in the hope you will use the information to follow your passion project. To write that book that is in your head. To pursue that dream you have always wanted to do. In The Agile Passion Project I detail not just what I did, but what was going on in my head as I did it. You can find it on SmashwordsiTunes and Kindle (note: Kindle may still be showing it as 99c in some places – it will be made free very soon!).

As an added bonus, I will be continuing to add resources to it as you need them. I have already been asked to detail my planning process, and that is in progress as we speak! Keep an eye on the resources page on the website for more helpful templates and tools.

In the meantime, have a wonderful, safe festive season.