Maya Broers – CEO Fuel Box


A lot of people would say that to be an entrepreneur you need to have a ‘big idea’, a spark of genius or something new and completely out of the box. All of those things are well and good, but I believe that at the heart of a great entrepreneur is passion, courage and a certain sense of spontaneity. 

I wish my younger-self had known what I know now. I remember being 16 and at my Year 10 Career Day. I met with the Career Adviser, who pulled out a book in front of her filled with many career choices. 

Career Adviser: “So Maya what do you want to do for a job?” 

My younger –self: “I would like to be a Singer.” 

She looked through her book through all the S jobs and no, no Singer here.

Career Adviser: “Sorry Maya, you can’t be a singer it’s not in the book, you will have to pick something else.”  

Well believe me, at 16 this only made me more determined, more driven to be a Singer and that’s just what I did; I went on to be a professional Singer for over 20 years. 

I was never a standard ‘in-the-box’ kind of kid which frustrated both my parents, who had many ideas of appropriate career choices – and believe me, going to work in a show in Asia after I left school was not one of them. Neither was moving to New York for 3 years to study theatre. I always did what felt right for me, what I was passionate about.  

Jumping ahead many years later I meet my Norwegian husband in Croatia. After a whirlwind holiday romance I pretty much came home, quit my job, quit my band, moved to Norway and we married soon after. Not long after we were pregnant,moved back to Australia and for the next seven years I was a stay at home for my two children. This period of my live was amazing and challenging all in the same breath. Amazing as I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to stay home with my babies but hard as it was a time of struggle within myself. Who was I now? Did me beyond ‘Mum’ still exist? I lost a sense of myself and my mojo.  

I knew I wanted to work again but the ‘what’ was now a factor for me. What did I want to do? I felt like I was back at Career Day again! I knew wanted to make a difference and that I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. The question was, was I still brave as I was in my 20’s or 30’s? 

I was different now, I had other responsibilities. I put out many calls to the universe to help me find my path. It took a while for the universe to answer my calls and many a voicemail was left, but it finally happened; and when it did I knew instantly that I wanted to bring FuelBox to the masses. I couldn’t sleep thinking about it. I couldn’t not do it. FuelBox Australia was born. 

I was no longer the Singer or the carefree globetrotter but that spark in me was still there it just needed to be ignited again withdifferent a purpose. I am a firm believer in not being afraid to dream and dream big. Sometimes it’s as simple as just saying ‘yes’ to an opportunity. I remember a lady once saying to me, “If its meant for you it won’t pass you by.” 

So to all of the career advisors out there, turn the page to the letter E and bookmark Entrepreneur for life’s big dreamers!  

Maya’s top tips:

1. Let your passion passion be your guide. When things get tough (and they will at times), it is that passion in your product or the service you provide that will get you through and keep you focused.

2. Plan each day and make lots of lists. I love a good to-do list! When working for yourself it is easy to get sidetracked; especially if you work from home. I have a plan each day with things I need to get done, things I would like to get done and things that are in the pipeline. 

3. Stay true to your ‘Why’. Keep in mind ‘why you started doing your business’ and ‘why you believe in it’ and ‘how and why it benefits others’. Your ‘Why’ will keep you motivated, focused and true to your business.


We hope you have enjoyed another in our Enterprising Entrepreneur series. Feel free to connect with Maya on our website